Friday, February 17, 2012

I dreamed of the garden last night
Must be the books and garden blogs I have been obsessed with lately
planning and dreaming
dreaming and planning
Just looking at old pictures of past gardens
...for we all know the garden is never the same...
My heart beats faster
just thinking of new plantings
in my rain garden...!! oh a rain garden!
and the new trellis I am going to have for my clematis
and the new birdhouses, and feeders
and the new patio.....after the deck is taken down
oh my
so many dreams
I cannot wait until my
Open Bar of Joy"s
gate is open
hours  6am-9pm


  1. Oh whew!!!! I thought global warming had happened!!:) This pic inspires for warmer and greener days:)

    1. ha ha global warming
      oh it's 50 right now...heat wave tropical heat wave...

  2. I can see why you are dreaming about it!!

    1. oh I love the early morning and late afternoon just at sundown......sigh

  3. Sounds wonderful, Suz. What is a rain garden?

    1. an area in the garden where water collects naturally or you direct it to ...where you plant wonderful flowers and grasses that love moist areas...inviting in all kinds of wildlife
      using the water in nature rther than letting it all just run off into the sewers

  4. Sounds lovely, Suz. You make me long for my own garden.

  5. This warmer weather (err, warmer then typical Feb weather in Ohio) has me dreaming of spring of what I want my garden to be like this year! :)

    We actually have a couple of really wet spots in our yard.. Never thought of the 'rain garden' idea.. Might have to look into that more!


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