Monday, February 6, 2012

 I remember the day I dragged this home from the garden center
it barely fit into my girlfriend's van (yes, we must have partners in crime)
We spent a few hours figuring out where it should go
finally deciding it should go under the Japanese maples
It was a good decision
I especailly see that now
as it lights up my heart with joy
bare branches setting it off
giving it a wabi sabi feel
as it rests there rusting away in such beautiful tones
and any beauty in the garden at this time of year is welcomed
even if there isn't a single bee buzzing around it


  1. What shall I do with my envy of your garden treasures??? ;) Every 'new' one you share pictures of digs that trench of longing a bit deeper... ;/ Soon---very very soon---bees buzzing and butterflies dancing...

  2. oh I can't wait....and I have had garden envy myself ...many times

  3. It's definitely a beautiful find. It adds a nice element of wonder to your garden space.


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