Thursday, February 9, 2012

They worked hard on getting this nest to stick
The nest has survived thus far through the winter
and  I am certain that there is something going on up there
oh woe....more squirrels
It must be the peanuts I hand out
But on these long winter days, I am truly grateful
for their antics
they keep me looking
they make me laugh when I find very little reason to
in my own private world of winter
here's hoping for spring
and all the promise and hope
for beginnings


  1. They work hard building their nests!
    Thank you for those kind words you left on my blog. : )

    1. they do a pretty good job of cleaning up the build their nests....

  2. Ooooooh....that sounds like fun:) I've never seen a baby squirrel before:) There's always something going on in the garden. I have a hummer making a nest and my heart skipped a beat. She's been with me for several months now and one of my "friends" that waits for me to switch out the juice in the feeder. Now she's going to make a nest to raise her little ones:) If they are little squirrels, I want pics!!:) Hugs. Me

  3. oh now I am really green with envy
    a hummer!
    When they visit my garden...they are gone so fast and then back again then off again...yikes....
    maybe I really need to commit to a feeder for them
    If I get little happpies Ill send you an announcement

  4. That's quite the condo they've built!! Squirrels and their antics are a lot of fun, but I just hope they don't start chucking things at you--They did to me when I found them living in the attic of our last house and tried to evict them! :-)

  5. oh no! I have heard of this.....(my neighbor)
    they wouldn't dare!...would they?

  6. My parents enjoyed a couple of squirrels in their backyard tree. One day, as I walked in for a visit, Mom said, "Honey, would you believe your daddy is buying shelled pecans for the squirrels?" We thought that was funny. I don't know what the squirrels

    You have a nice garden with interesting occupants.

    1. DD..wha t other kind are there? :)

  7. That must be some nest to withstand the winter weather. I have lots of squirrels, too, but I can't figure out where their nest is. They entertain the cats by eating out of the bird feeders.


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