Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm going squirrely

The only things in the garden of interest are the squirrels
I counted nine running through the trees
across the fence and into the pines
oh dear
Which one is my Happy Jack?
I think there is a "mixer" going on in my garden.
It is cold today and oh so gloomy
When of when will the sun come out
when will I see the first hint of bloodroot,or
I said I would embrace this winter season
but it hasn't even been a good winter!!
Bring it on, Spring!


  1. Oh dear.... I once read that squirrels have a lifespan of 15 years. No wonder there are so many of them.

    I wish you an early spring.
    Thanks for following.

  2. Rosey...ya got to love that name..Rosey
    15 years...yikes....that's a lot of peanut buying
    Oh to hear a robin sing.....thanks for visiting me

  3. Scandalous!!!! My parents warned me about those mixer parties;)

  4. your parents were right, I think...I just saw a new nest in the pines

  5. yes please. I too had great expectations and plans. They've all disappeared int a puff of smoke.

    I want it over, please. It's very cold now and dog walking is not a pleasure anymore.

  6. don't you sometimes wonder
    if the whole reason for squirrels
    ....their purpose for being,
    is to make us grin?
    I wonder that sometimes.
    it would be an awfully high calling,
    I think.
    I love the funny little critters:)

  7. Hee hee, sounds like the squirrel chamber of commerce is meeting in your yard ... or perhaps they are having a sock hop? Hope you see the sun soon.

    1. oh, nad they were back this morning looking in my window...I had to shut the shutters so my hubby didn't see!

  8. Oh! I love that "Happy Jack"! They are so entertaining. And, guess what? .....there are "snowdrops" coming up at The Center! Poor little things.

    1. Hi APril..I knew you would love Happy Jack's picture...snowdrops...oh it is a sign

  9. Those pictures are adorable, Suz. It looks like a book I would fall in love with. :) I've seen several Fox Squirrels this past week---they are just so 'cheeky' and cute.

  10. the black squirrels? I have seen a few, always a treat seeing them


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