Saturday, February 11, 2012

It is sunny today, but very cold
Snow fell yesterday, a pretty big flake snow
blanketing the garden
That is such a cliche way of saying that
but it's just how it looked
a big white blanket covering everything

Today, with the bright glorious sunlight
 the trees have lost their covering of white
but they cast wonderful shadows onto the snow

 my wards are out..looking for food
just like the kitties do inside.....every morning

It is a joy to look out of the window and see them
flitting and scurrying around
and if you look closely in the photo of the garden bench
you will see a dove hiding out on it
blending in  :)

But the real joy came this morning
in the light
 I know God said that he was love
but I think he held back
for us to discover him in other ways

I think
God is light


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  1. I got to walk in a dusting of snow this morning. It is all gone already this afternoon.
    It sure was pretty though.

  2. Look at all the action in your garden!!! I bit the bullet and purchased a bird bath today and so far no one has touched it, but we'll see tomorrow. I thought of you today as I was at a street faire. I laughed and thought you may have thought it funny as well. The pic will be up soon on the blog:) All my best. Chris

    1. Chris, you should see how many squirrels are in my garden today...flying around the pines....too many to confess to!
      Birds are suspicious of new birdanything.....they like it out in the open a bit...near branches though for what did you see at a street fair...a SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!????!?!??!?!

  3. Beautiful words and photos, Suz. The goldfinch on your sock look slighty different than mine. I wonder if there is a difference between the ones in the mid-west and in the west.

    Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day.

    1. thanks stacy.....I broke my rule about no thistle in my garden...but I broke down and hung this ne for all the finches around here...squirrels don't bother with the sock......It's the american its winter garb

  4. beautiful!!!
    love the way your camera
    found God and light
    and snow!


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