Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February morning in the garden

When it happens to is magic
the faithful return of the daffodils
..the morning sun warming their green

This fellow greets me every time I walk in the garden
always smiling...rain or shine or snow
as does the real sun

I love moss...
have I told you that I love moss?

I always get a chuckle when I walk in the morning and see
who was there overnight ..walking in the garden
and I thought I didn't have any rabbits..huh!

ah..a spirit rock..that I missed
poor fella had to spend the winter in the cold

I have to admit that I will miss the bare branches of the white oak
Don't tell him..but he's getting a trimming this year

Do you stop and feel joy 
when you happen upon footprints in the snow?
man and it is in life this day
we travel paths others have traveled
all the time
think of this when you step
who has been here before me
whose spirit passed this way?

Oh lordie, I just found this squirrel nest this morning
tucked  way up high in the white pine
I'll be watching it for little ears

pachysandra...even winter yields to it

I heard chattering
oh someone, sitting on the neighbor's playhouse
right below the nest that I just discovered
hee hee

oh , glorious morning light
hello Lord

The garden
a place of communion this morning


  1. I often walk in the footsteps for a while. : )
    I was happy to spot my first flower blooming this morning on my walk.

  2. oh goodie...a flower sighting

  3. Pretty exciting stuff. I always love seeing the new growth popping up. Gets all of us excited:) And the next day....a snow storm:)

  4. Ha are right...and then maybe a heatwave!!!
    today it is chilly but the smell of spring is in the air...yum

  5. thanks for sharing this frosty morning beauty,

  6. Suz, I am in LOVE with your 'spirit rocks' I must must must have one or ten---any idea where I can purchase one? And your big beautiful sun face---oh I'm as green with envy as your moss is green. ;D I so enjoy strolling through your garden with you each morning, checking out who was checking each nook and cranny for a treasure in the night. :) Hugs and love, light and space.


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