Tuesday, February 28, 2012

He slobbers up my windows
waits for me to notice him
looks for human weakness  kindness
keeps his dignity
by stepping back
while I place out a dish
of warm chicken on this cold day
This puss at my door is healing balm
...what is right about some things
...the magic of return
...the miracle of survival

Not bad
for a winter day


  1. Oh Handsome! hugs and kisses, you sweetie. Little does he know how much he means to us.

  2. he hasn't got a clue....and I got the feeling today that he was wondering where his igloo with the heating was.....grumpy sat on the deck for hours staring into the window at BOO... who loved it

  3. You're right, not bad for a winter day, and he warms my heart on a chilly evening in Virginia! :-)

  4. :) Look at his battle ears. He's a warrior that one:)

  5. Sigh. He is just so handsome :o) (Pun intended.)

    Lovely post, Suz.


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