Thursday, January 5, 2012

I will have to plant more of them this year,
such butterfly magnets.
Usually I think of this when it is about late July and too late,
...when I see them at public garden displays,
or worse, my neighbor's yard. takes planning
and speaking of this, I have spent a few hours scouring my garden books
yes, garden books in January
I have been searching for some ideas on how to change my garden
I am taking down the deck...don't know why I even put it up-
it separates you from the done,be gone.

However..I animal guide,the old fox,is under there
it's his burial ground....I know because I looked and saw all of his bones
lying in perfect he just laid down and died there..which is what he did.
What do I do about that?
plan around it? Will the landscapers think I'm loco for sure,
after all I am the one who calls them to trim, then stops them when I spot nests in the honeysuckle-
they nod...but I know they think I'm loco.
What will they think when they start to take down the deck and find these bones?
Oh my ...what if they find Handsome's bones or the tortoise shell of my missing turtle?
Oh my...I better do some more thinking and reading.
I wonder if there is a book on this?


  1. Your heart is so ' wide open.' Never worry what others think or say. It is what is important to ' you ' that truly matters. There is nothing wrong with loving nature to it's fullest. It is what makes you, Suz.
    Only God gets it., all of it.
    And yes, there must be a book out there somewhere for us kindred souls.

  2. Love that photo of Boo. So pretty. And Handsome, below. xox Yes, love zinnias too. First thing Julie plants. I have to remember that. (Read my post answer to you on my blog.)

  3. Put a small fence around the area where their bones are and tell the landscapers to work around it.
    These animals are "special dirt" now and it's no ones business but yours.


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