Friday, January 27, 2012

Isn't this a great combination,
poppies and Dames Rocket?
This was taken in Ellison Bay , Wisc.
last June
I have never had any luck growing either for any length of time
within a year or two, they get pushed out or die
Maybe I need to plant these in larger quantities
but my garden is not that big...and I hate mass green areas with spent flowers
but of course there is the question of soil and light conditions
maybe I had them in the wrong, I had them in the wrong place
or they would have thrived as they do here in Door County
AH...but the dreaming I'm doing lately is grand
what a way to spend a chilly winter day
.....and liatris....that never survived either


  1. You write the most wonderful posts, Suz. This, and the previous post, make me want to come walk in your 'sleeping' garden, curl up cozy and have tea with you while we listen to your birdcalls CD. I don't have one of those---maybe I should add one to my 'bucket' list. :) My 'gardens' and I use that word VERY loosely LOL look a mess right now because I leave EVERYTHING for my furred or feathered friends. Doesn't look pretty at all but it makes me happy.
    Blessed Be
    Hugs and love,

  2. ha ha ANgie...I have a good mess too...has to be that way for the wards.....shelter, food, and winter color for me..such as it is
    sure..come right over...we can booth get our shoes muddy...or hear the grass crunch under feet....

  3. Beautiful flowers. I really like them. Do you have a little patch anywhere around your place that could give you a burst of this lovely color? I like them a lot. I have one more class to teach and then I am out on the road for another fun trip. Have a good weekend. Hugs. Chris

    1. Oh Chris, I think this year I will try again with the pooies and dame's rocket (although in WIsc...they curse them as non native....bah) I am going to try to redo some areas...though how far I'll get...with aching body...but I'll try...I am going to buy the plants...not from seed..heavens..I don't think I can wait that that sounds like fun

  4. collect the poppy seed and you'll always have new ones to plant.

  5. Beautiful together. Julie always has Butterflyweed (orange) and something purple together and it's eye-popping!


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