Sunday, January 1, 2012

I like lichen, moss,green stuff on trees.
If I squint a bit I can use my child's eyes and see
as if I were looking out of a helicopter ..looking down seeing the rainforest
yes I if a native steps out and waves...I'm in trouble
But bless the child that still sees and still takes a breath of joy
of secret discovery all her own


  1. Suz I think that perhaps in a former life you may have been a fairy!Me too!
    "Fairies of the sea and land,
    Fluttering here.
    Hand in hand.
    Follow one,follow all!"
    Wishing you a Happy New Year and continue using the "child's eye"!

  2. i love those things too....little fairy forests and villiages
    tucked into everydayness:)
    i love your eyes!

  3. Nature does a good job of inspiring us to be children again. I never feel old when I'm outside. (Unless I'm doing yard work instead of yard sitting.)


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