Monday, January 16, 2012

wrought iron tulips

Up early this morning
The garden called to me to come out,
be with it.
I grabbed my camera,boots, and opened the door.
The sun was just rising in the east
a pretty sky of blue and pink...golden rays of
light casting over trees and buildings,
so pretty.
The snow crunched under my feet as I walked around the garden.
Doesn't look like much this time of year...not
the Janis Joplin wildness that it will become by July
yes, Jennifer, I have that wildness in me
I'm a wench...a bawdy lover of the garden
in its wildest behavior
I seek to tame little....just a bit of order
This morning the little tulip wrought iron fencing
stopped me to ponder upon it
My son-in-law went to a lot of trouble rescuing this bit of
Chicago Lutheran history for me
....I was supposed to get the entire fence..but a thief
beat him to it.....but I am happy content to have this bit of
of Trinity Swedish Lutheran Church, that is no more.
The convergence of these thoughts makes me a bit sad
for my son-in-law is going through so much right now
and being a human and a grandma....I ask ..why Lord?
But this fence of tulips humbles me
Tulips in the dead of
and my son -in-law gave this to me
Thank you garden for calling me out
to see this...feel this
accept this
Look, there is my buddy the squirrel
who I saw a few days ago doing the wild thing in my Horsechesnut tree
when it was 50 degrees out
..we must operate on hope,faith and love.
how else does the garden grow?


  1. Oh that IS a nice piece of fence with the tulips!! Your garden is still pretty even in the winter.

  2. What a TREASURE!! And truly, how else does the 'garden' grow...Hugs filled with light and love
    Blessed Be

  3. I love your hugs ANgie...thanks so much

  4. Beautiful Suz!! Thank you so much for stopping by! :)

  5. I love that you are a bawdy lover of the garden, Suz. The tulip fence is pretty, and that is so nice that it has such meaning for you. I'm sorry your son-in-law is going through a rough time.

  6. Suz,
    What a beautiful fence that your son-in-law rescued.
    You must have been thinking of him today, I hope every thing turns out ok.

  7. I love history in a garden. Glad you got a little piece from a place that makes you happy. And you have snow!!:) It looks really nice. There's a cozy feeling about snow and it's always amazing to think that in just a few months, a wild forest will be back in full operation:) Hang in there my friend. Hugs from Tucson.

  8. I love hugs..thanks so much
    and I take comfort in the wild garden that lies just under the snow waiting waiting to awaken

  9. this makes my heart sing, Suz:):):)

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