Friday, January 20, 2012

A quick peek outside in the garden....looking for joy
 I found it in the cement garden bench with the skid paws across it.
It stood in the sun casting shadows on the snowy ground.
For a brief moment I saw Stonehenge
Ha! in my yard......what fun

Now I am off to get birdseed and peanuts
and few more feeders.....seems some of them are broken on the ground are the suet feeders...usual suspects
Oh well, I must keep my Open Bar of Joy well stocked
It keeps the view from the kitchen window interesting

The hawk just flew through my yard like a laser beam
Keep going, buddy

I think I might start a spring....
I already have new garden magazines next to cup of a tea
waiting for me
....I read them slowly
peruse the pages of they were secret messages
waiting for me to decode
and I will...come spring


  1. I am so envious of you guys over in winter wonderland. You can actually sit down and enjoy a nice hot beverage and page through magazines thinking about what you want to order. Me on the other hand....well it's a daily thing. No rest for the wicked here. There's always something going on all year round. It would be nice to have a rest:) However, birdseed and peanuts is a must....and several more birdfeeders...hmmmm:) Keeping the mind occupied with lots of birds. You have me laughing about the hawk....they are something, aren't they? Birds clear out so quickly at the sight of these guys...and so do my cats:) The red eyes on the Cooper's remind me of those of vampires. Scary. So as for my lense use....I have 3 and a Canon T3I Rebel...I'll be using the telephoto lense in about 2 weeks and you can judge how those shots turned out. Very tricky and sensitive piece of equipment. But the pics still turned out really nice. I know this comment is long, but this blogging for me has been very therapuetic and postive. Sometimes keeping busy and finding the beauty that surrounds us drowns out the negative stuff...well at least it has for me. Oh and gardening and looking at garden magazines!!! So you have your tea and I'll sip my coffee. Have a good weekend! I'm meeting students tomorrow at Lowe's to get them ready for cool weather vegetable gardening.

  2. Love that - Stonehenge!...and the hawk zooming through your garden - keep going! haha And your cup of tea with your garden catalogs...i have to get your package over with your "mug rug" in it!

  3. I love this. You saw Stonehenge! My, it's amazing what one sees when they really look.
    Lovely photo. Enjoy you tea and catalogs.

    1. stonehenge, rain forest.....yea, I can imagine


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