Wednesday, January 18, 2012

meeting called to order Ladies Aid Society
They swirled around the mugo
hunting and pecking like chickens
I love seeing these birds in my garden
sometimes though I don't see them until I flush them out
getting too near to them as I weed

It is a cold day...a bit of sun and blue sky today
The birds are very active this morning,
must be those strawberry hulls I put on the feeder
or that slice of whole wheat bread that I broke into pieces
by the garden path

Oh the garden I miss summer with all her blooms and foliage
Even driving through the country to Galena, the fields so dull
the landscape of bare branched trees uneventful
Except..I did see a Bald eagle about two weekends ago
in  bare branches near the Kishwaukee river

...but back to my itty bit of earth.....
   it sleeping until it is time to push up through the earth
stretch out those stems...reach for the sun
as I do today
I hope I bloom today


  1. Lovely post, i enjoyed reading it and seeing those sweet little doves. I am always happy to see the ones who visit me, their soft cooing is very tranquil.

  2. Oh Denise...I love their cooing
    It is so soothing...
    and i love to see them turn in circles

  3. I like mourning doves. I think of them as nice gentle birds.

  4. I love the sound of mourning doves cooing. How nice they decided to have their get-together in your yard ... they must know they are welcome there. A bald eagle, wow! That's exciting. We supposedly have them around our reservoirs in the winter, but I have yet to see one around here.

    I hope you blossomed today, too.


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