Monday, January 9, 2012

...and it is a fact
that the garden can comfort in different ways
reflect on the outside how you feel on the inside
lost abandoned frightened alone
an ill wind blowing your parts around
it is good that the garden can speak
the unspeakable
why it would be a sin for flowers to bloom now


  1. That is so true! I love the garden, but when it's in bad shape, so am I. I wish the two weren't so tied in together sometimes.

  2. I'm 'feeling' that you may be in a low, shambled place right now...sending waves of comfort and serenity to you...Blessed Be.

  3. I hope everything is OK. When I see a post like this and know how connected you are to your garden I feel that something is wrong or the sadness of a winter garden is affecting your emotions.
    I hope this is just a small wintery depression and that a beautiful bulb will come up soon to bring a smile to your face.


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