Friday, January 6, 2012

This morning I peeked through the shutter and saw the female cardinal
munching on sunflower seeds
How there were any left after yesterday's theft by the rascal squirrel
I'll never know
I guess he must be up the tree with a huge belly ache...not..little fur piggies they are
All I did was to put the bag down for a minute to pick up some garbage
that had blown around the yard...and he ran with the bag of seed
This happened to me once before...only it was a paper bag of tulip bulbs!
They were the color of a candy lipstick I used to treasure as a child
a pretty pink stick wrapped in gold foil......ah, I thought...lipstick candy growing in my garden
ha! ran the thief with my tulip bulbs...and there wasn't thing I could do about it
except learn...never leave any munchies within sight of a squirrel
Well, I'm glad there were a few seeds left for the cardinal
It was  morning joy to see her.
I'm off to get my haircut today...I am weeks overdue for a cut
oh , I am a sight
I only hope Tom doesn't give me a cut like hers


  1. I think in their own way the females are just a pretty as the cardinals!!
    Great shot of her!!

  2. Love the way you caught Ms. Cardinal in mid-munch! I also think the females are beautiful, their coloring so delicate.

  3. I can barely pay attention to reading because i just love the way that pic was captured... Lovely!


  4. That is one sexy shot!! I love cardinals....males or females, it doesn't matter. We have a desert cardinal here...similiar to those found in the midwest with a little difference. What a beautiful catch with the camera to get the day going:) My Wisconsin escapades are coming in about a week or so....I have to get all the data together and the picture editing done. But I had a lot of fun with my family....hope you did as well. Chris

  5. I love this photo, Suz---I've been taking pictures of the pair of Cardinals that have been coming to my yard---this afternoon, I look out and O M G there were 4 males right there in my yard---I've never had more than one (pair) at a time. I was thrilled.


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