Thursday, January 19, 2012


clowns of the garden
they arrive with their buddies
 push their way to the front of the line
Even Happy Jack gets out of the way
they can devour food like no others
It is cold outside today and more snow fell overnight
The starlings found the suet block that the squirrels had knock down yesterday
and more starlings showed up because of it
They look so unkempt..their feather sticking out all over

The rest of my bird wards saw that if they didn't get in there
...the food would be gone...quickly
so when I peeked out from the kitchen door
I saw a congregation just outside
and in the trees above
The one good thing about starlings is that they startle easily
and this is one way the rest of them get to rush in and grab a seed or two

Yesterday, I saw a squirrel aggressively chasing and pursuing
mourning doves in the horsechesnut tree
chasing them away from the seed on the ground
Really, what piggies...they get most of it anyway

Boo was having a good time watching them too
slamming into the door if they got to close
Why there were times I thought he was going to faint if he held his breath any longer

We have to take the days as they come
...yesterday, cold and sunny,cold,snowy and dreary
But I  look for the joy
for it is there always
...and today, I found it in the antics of the starlings,
..the lowly, despised, non-native birds of the garden

My Open Bar of Joy
is open to all
They afterall, bring much of my joy

and if we only let stay what belonged
...I'd have to find a new home


  1. Oh, the Starlings. They are so plentiful and in tune with the world. I see them flying in massive groups out in the delta, the flyway of the Great California Valley. I could watch them for hours. They move as one huge, connected spirit.
    I didn't know they were considered "..lowly, despised" and "non-native". I only knew they were amazing.
    I love your photos. You find light and joy in the dead of winter. It shows in these photos. Reach into these pictures and grab the light, my friend. It's been there inside of you all this time.

  2. I love your kitty watching them. That's the best part of it all....watching the cats burn laser beams through our windows:) Every bird is welcome in my garden...I'd even think of entertaining a squirrel or two. We sure have the acorns here for them:)

  3. Starlings are pesky because they steal nests from woodpeckers, but they are so beautiful and I love the sounds they make. So fun hearing about the birds in your garden. A storm is rolling in here today and the birds have been going crazy at the feeders on my patios. I mainly have American Goldfinch at the hanging socks with a few brave chickadees venturing to the buffet plate of seeds and the suet. The Townsend's Warbler made a rare appearance in the redwood tree today, too. I think he is a year-round resident.

  4. oh a warbler!
    I used to see more of them
    either I'm not looking when they flit through branches or they are fewer in hoo
    starlings are very fun to listen to...they imitate so many other birds.....I saw a godfinch with a yellow patch on his it spring yet?


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