Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ah, (I say that a lot, don't I?)
ah, a glorious January morning
sunny, blue sky,brisk air wonderful to walk in
refreshing..what else can I say?
You who live with warmth all the time
you don't know what you are missing
The garden was welcoming this morning,
the ground stiff from freeze as I walked along its path,
a slight crunch under my feet as I stepped on the stiff blades of summer's grass
now asleep
Sleep on
The birds were eager, perching on nearby branches
begging as a high art form
joy....I hear the blue jay, and the chickadees
and just beyond the yard,the goldfinches.
As I filled the feeders and scattered seed on the ground for the mourning doves
I happened upon a rabbit hunched behind the trellis,
he stayed as still as guilt,
not even his nose moving.
How happy I was to see him...he has been absent lately
 from my cast of characters that make my garden home.....
But the wards gathered here this morning on this beautiful January morning
to's here
winter.....feed us
and keep the water bowl full
Sadly...there will no stray kitty for me to take care of this year


my beloved Handsome
oh how my heart aches and breaks to see you again

Such a joy to spot an unknown nest in bare branches of trees in wintertime

and the cheerful chickadee dee dee of this wonderful
bird as it darts among the branches of the alder tree

and bunny hiding  :)

and before I go inside to get to work
I stop to notice the morning sun
gliding across the Terra cotta pot

a flash of red in my peripheral vision

Squirrel doing his sun salutation

I stepped inside filled with January morning joy
and the wench is happy

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