Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things I saw on my morning walk
through the sleeping garden

The oak hydrangeas
I'm thinking this year of cutting them back
I hope I do it at the right time
...must get out my garden books

and this low spot that always holds water
what shall I do with this?

just around the corner of the house, in the Hawthorne tree
was a purple finch singing his heart out
so beautiful and so joyful
So inspired was I, that I went inside and got out
my birdcall CD and played it 
much to the delight of my kitty Abigail

Why just yesterday I was reading in a garden book about leaf litter leave it...for critters 
I have a resident toad that I am certain benefits by these leaves
I have always left them for the spring thrushes to scratch around 
in for bugs

and of course, Happy Jack was full aware of my every movement
that was keeping him from the feeders...ha ha

and here is Abigail, my feral kitty that I got inside years ago
with a big belly
She is still very shy and jumpy
but she is the most lovable kitty
and a talker...only thing is...she likes to talk at night
I made myself a cup of peppermint tea
she fell asleep to the song of the Baltimore oriole


  1. There's a lot of beauty in your sleeping garden, and some pretty critters too.

    1. Ha! I only showed you some good things...not the debris that has blown all over it..the fallen branches from the alder and river birch...or the picked over flowerheads that I left there for the birds to pick
      or the messy grasses that are all fallen over from snow....but thanks I'll take it...

  2. I loved the tour, Sue. And I know Happy Jack was waiting for another tomato!

    1. April...Happy Jack is on my bad list right now.....he invited 4 other squirrels to visit for lunch...
      I am going to send my cheap neighbor the seed bill...he enjoys I pay

  3. Ooo kitty Abigail:) Our feral kitty Nova is the same way. She's my orange tabby that I found as a kitten. I trapped her because we both fell in love....she just didn't trust me to help her out so I had to guide her into a trap of treats where I waited and waited for her to come out from behind the fence. She was starving and as she crept out, I nabbed her and enclosed her in a room for a couple days. She soon became part of the family and played played played with her new siblings and today is a shy but very happy camper in her home. Feral cats are tricky. But if you catch them as kittens, you can still domesticate them while they're young. I like the pics today around your place. Very relaxing:)

    1. Abigail was born under my deck....and as you know...feral kittens are taught well by mom to avoid humans.....but we watched them from the bedroom window..come out at night and play on the deck....soon mama disappeared...and then 2 kittens...only Abigail and her beautiful gray brother were left....we never got her brother...but we did her four black kittens the very night we got her inside....yikes
      I knew you were a good good guy...helping that kitten...
      glad you liked the photos....the garden is so dreary right now....but soon

    2. I'd be buried in garden journals right now if I lived back there. I love spring. Here it's March and in my hometown it's around the end of April or mid May. We love cats. We'd save more if we could but then we'd be hoarders:) Once there was this adorable brown feral kitty who wanted to be saved, but we couldn't take him in so we looked all over to get him a home. We had to draw a 5 it was. I like the window you have where Abigail looks out. There must be lots of inspiration with all the birds passing by. When we bought our place, I made sure our dining room had the best and biggest window to sit and daydream. Gotta have a good window:) Have a good night.

  4. I've been wandering too, everything so still and lifeless right now, and lo and behold, can that possibly be a bud forming on the Quince? I do hope it survives and shows me it's gorgeous coral blossoms.
    I love your Abigail. What a princess.

    1. I spotted witch hazel blooming in Galena a few weekends ago....a thrill

  5. I love the photos of your sleeping garden. Winter is a time of rest and renewal. You have captured this season in these photos. Lovely.

    p.s. My word varification was "Catings". Must have been a comment on Abigail's photo. Cute!

    1. When we had a day of 50 degrees a few weeks ago...I swear,if I closed my was spring that I was smelling....I'm done
      resting that is...I want out in the garden
      and Springtime is such a good birding have to be there to see them..and I"m itching to get out there
      catings..ha ha...last night I had all 3 cats on the bed..that is a first....the girls hate little Boo


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