Wednesday, January 25, 2012

He of  home laughed at me as I placed
the old tomatoes outside for my wards.
He said that they wouldn't eat them....
said they would be like potatoes ever get eaten...
about that he is correct
But I hated to just toss these soft tomatoes
and I wasn't feeling in the mood to cook
so I offered them to my critters
and wulllah....I was right again
Happy Jack was feasting away in the River Birch this morning
image finding a frozen tomato in January
like winning the lottery


  1. LOL!!! That is adorable. What won't they eat??!!!! At least you know they're getting good use:)

  2. Have you ever had trouble with squirrels getting in your house. I used to like squirrels too until the became pests for us.
    Your photo is cute with him eating the tomato! : )

  3. no.....and I hope we never do

  4. Happy Jack:)
    such a perfect shot
    of a glad feast!
    love it...thanks.

  5. You really do love Happy Jack, don't you Suz?
    I can see it in the photos you take of him. You protest his aquirrelness, but I think you doth protest too much. LOL!

  6. I could swear that "a" was an "s" when I clicked on publish. That's what Google does when you make up a word. They mess with you.
    It's "squirrelness".... and Happy Jack has a lot of it.

    1. O yes, I love the rascal..but I am a bit on guard for squirrel ways.....I wished I would have gotten a photo of his naughtiness doing the wild thing the other day in tulip tree......oh dear. ...more to come?


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