Monday, January 2, 2012

A dusting of snow this morning, and of course the beggars showed up
so I tossed out a handful of seeds-too lazy to put on my coat and fill the feeders.
Yes, lazy...winter does that to me...too often
I heard the weather is going to be in the teens by evening...with bitter winds
and by Friday it may be 50.....what is happening ?
I have this sense of delayed misery....I was agonizing over the inevitable bleakness of winter
as I was standing in the glory of red and yellow leaves...and I have been waiting for it to happen
The garden hasn't really gone to sleep..why there are plants that are still green
and I even scoured the yard for a ceratin I would find one hiding just under
a cover of green leaves!
Come, oh winter, come
I have prepared my heart for you
Do not make me wait any longer
for I will be vanquished with longing
for your treasures.....that I know you will bring
warm cozy house
good simmering soups
the joy of indoor flowers on my violets and oxalis
come winter come
slay me with your romantic blizzards
your tingling breath in my nostrils as I clear away the path of white
come winter come
I have made way for your return
so come winter come


  1. Suz, although I hate winter (except for the cozy things you mentioned) I loved your poem. Beggars, I love that! I was wondering the same thing about winter, seeing bits of battered roses on vines in late December. It just doesn't seem quite right. I left you a rambler of a comment on my last post, in answer to your question.
    Thanks to you, the next blizzard we get, I am going to remind myself that it's romantic. Which it is, but I often forget.

  2. You are a marvel, girl, and I love how you write!! :) I actually took pictures last week!! THE LAST WEEK IN DECEMBER!!! of Daisies blooming, for Pete's sake!! And I long for Winter to make an appearance too. We also are having really cold temps and high winds---for a few days---then back to 50's again. I know I have trouble 'letting go' and I don't like 'change' but I really really want my Seasons to change in their proper sequence. :/ :D Sending warm quilted hugs to you, Suz!

  3. Wrinkles...another of sarah's books that I keep handy..Romancing the Ordinary...tryly it got me through some rough times...yes, I have had my share

  4. Angie...daisies! I just knew it! How does this happen and why? Let's do a winter dance....what do you think?

  5. I love the image of battered poetic Wrinkles

  6. was cold here today. The sun came out for a bit and then it was totally cloudy. We had a bit of snow flurries last night and it made for an interesting photo shoot yesterday, but I got the job done:) while still hanging out with family. Tomorrow, we head back to Tucson again....warmer temps:) The squirrels are quite funny around here....they LOVE bird seed!

  7. I'd like some of that good simmering soup on a cold day. Our chilly days always sneak up on me and just when I've remembered to get ingredients for a good cold-weather soup or chili, we heat up to about 80. Oh well, I'll just look at your pictures of squirrels in the snow.
    Love your blog, Suz!

  8. I always say i don't like winter but then when it gets here there is always something nice about it too.

  9. I'm ready for it too. This just isn't right. And Henri is itching with his allergies until it stays cold I hope. Oh, and a mouse has moved into Julie's house!!


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