Thursday, October 7, 2010

A place of refuge...light

My kitty is dying
...slowly the body starving itself
The organs, I'm sure, unable
to hold out much longer
And my heart is breaking with
each passing hour
as I wait for mercy
Reassuring this precious companion
that I love him
that he has been the cutest little stuffed animal hunter
I have ever known ,that I remember
him as a kitten with large ears and boundless energy
who we discovered was born with a deformity
...and I rejoiced that he was ours
He is as comfortable as I can make him now
take him home and love him the vet said
I needed no instructions to do that,but it was all he had to offer
It is my aching discomfort
that is the problem today
I do not want to let him go...
but the choice is not given to me
So this morning I sought light in the garden
It has mystical properties to me...let there be light
It came as a result of the Lord's command
and I find comfort in this connection with the oneness of creation
Webster,me,God and light
I will take him outside today to bath in one of the
remaining warm days for both of of Autumn
him of his life
God bless all the creatures that would suffer and die alone
if not for his presence in the light
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  1. Oh Suz, this is heartbreaking...I am sending so much love and light to surround you and Webster. (((hugs)))

  2. Susanna my heart is aching so watching him slip away..still purring when I touch him
    I need your love and light..thanks
    good thing I have Boo (Mr.Darcy)
    to give me laughs thank you dear friend

  3. I'm so sorry. Teary and basking in the light you offer and seek out too.

  4. So sad :( These animals are truly part of our families and I swear they understand us in ways no human ever could. I know you posted this a long time ago, but I'm still sending you my thoughts and love for your kitty!


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