Wednesday, October 13, 2010

lit up leaves

It is the light
passing through dying leaves
that thrills my eyes
But I guard my heart from falling in love
like a teenage girl
'cause for certain he will leave me
after the dance
and I will look around all dizzy
and find nothing but the isolation of
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  1. Beautiful photo and words to match.

  2. Just keep dancing! One step at a time.

    Great photo. Love the light shining through.

  3. love this.
    simply breath taking!

  4. Such beautiful words, what a wonderful poem. :-)

    I love the photo too of course!

  5. amazingly expressed very deep emotions.. How beautifully you have combined the strong human emotions with seasons.. Lovely :D

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  7. so true, beautiful writing.
    but we can't help outselves, can we, from loving it all anyway.


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