Monday, October 18, 2010

fun stuff

Now it's time to have some fun with the new season at the garden door
So I put out my lovely witch and her three little companions in my front yard
spread out pumpkins, Indian corn and many scary things
waiting for the day, in late October, when the cutest little goblins and monsters and princesses
will approach my door (if they dare!) for the biggest candybars I can buy
It may be cold and rainy and windy or it might just be 80 degrees and sunny
but nontheless....time will march on with the season in hand
heading into deep fall..............when everything fun happens inside
So enjoy ..... soon Master Autumn's tailcoat
will follow Lady Summer's hem over the horizon of days
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  1. I love your Halloween display. I am so glad you have another kitty. They do not do well with Spunky or visa versa. He just loves chasing squirrels.You are such a lovely lady.

  2. Sure would be fun if Stacy and I could come knocking at your door on Halloween!

  3. Yeah, I agree with Dogwood ... we love big candy bars!

    You are lucky to get trick or treaters. I think I had one in the last five years.

  4. "Master Autumn's tailcoat
    will follow Lady Summer's hem over the horizon of days". Suz, that is one of the prettiest sentences I have ever read anywhere!

    Now, let's face it. How could such a sinner as me see the beauty in that!

  5. stafford..hee hee
    guess we're made of the same cloth
    from one sinner to another

  6. Have a happy Fall, love your seasonal display.

  7. That is a real cool Halloween welcome to all the trick or treaters. I'm coming to your place for the BIG chocolate bars.


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