Tuesday, October 19, 2010

mourning walk in the garden

Still a daily morning walk in the garden
though it is settling down for the season
Yet there is much to observe if you only will
take the time to just be still
I heard some rustling around in the back footage
among the Goldenrod that has now gone to seed
I stepped closer and schwosh..out of the weeds
some Mourning doves took flight
except for this one all alone on the bottom branch
of the white pine
He sat frozen starring at me with his beady eye
and I said "Hello, glad to see you...I mourn, too"
but he answered not back but just sat and watched
I followed his lead
thinking how one week ago my dear sick kitty had to say goodbye
to the garden, the cool moist grass, the warming light of the sun, the
comforting sounds of rustling leaves as they fell....
the delightful taste of rainwater...and one last stirring of his hunter heart as
a bird flitted nearby his ailing body
The dove was frozen in place by my presence
I was frozen in place by memory
Who would be the first to move and free us both?

It was a Robin that flew like an experienced aviator
to the berries of the nearby Mountain Ash
and the moment was broken
mercifully for us both

I will rake some more today
wash a few pots
bring in some chairs
gather up my hidden stuff
scattered and tucked all around to amaze
the garden wanderer...it's time
to do all this while nature holds back
the old man....winter
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  1. You manage to make everything speak for itself.

  2. Your words are always so wonderful. You are so expressive in s aying goodbye to more than a season.

  3. winter. can you believe it is just around the corner! wow. but in the meantime, i am loving these fall day.

    and, what about those SF Giants!!!!

  4. hug hug ,Marilyn

    Okay Dogwood..I'm sort of getting into it

  5. breath taking!
    love your imagery.

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