Friday, October 8, 2010

This week I have had many new birds arrive
though my camera was always somewhere else when they appeared
Like the wood thrush, chickadees, white throated sparrows, juncos
and a flock of my favorite bird..the robin
soon if I'm lucky I will see warblers
and maybe a kinglet or two or a cuckoo
and maybe just maybe..oh I hope hope
the long eared owls will return
Okay I am getting excited about the changing season
no choice..her majesty has indeed left
So why be stubborn?
I will fall in love again
with the new season's clean up time
but this weekend it's Galena
oh my Kitty is in the good hands of my mom
who loves him dearly
So I can get away and recharge
and see some hills and valleys
not just feel them
love to you all........
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  1. beautiful post and prezentations! best regards

  2. Hope you enjoy your break and that long eared owls visit on your return. (I will be very envious if they do!)

  3. Oh dear blog friends
    thank you I hope they return too
    2 years ago they stayed for two weeks in my pine trees
    Acornmoon...I got all my things and I am swooning happy
    I love my owl! love love it

  4. I do hope you enjoy your time away and I know grandma will take good care of the Kitty. My son Ron and wife just had 2 kitty's out to sleep . They were very old. but both got cancer so just a few months apart they could not stand to see them suffer anymore.

  5. have fun in galena. i have heard it is a very nice place. i am in our mountain house this week and oh so many birds feeding at the feeders. i love it!

  6. I'm with you on the changing seasons. I love each one for what it brings. Mother Nature is a gem for sure!


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