Thursday, October 21, 2010


I saw you running across the lawn
head turned to the ground
Did you hear the wind moving the chimes
the leaves rustling as they broke away and fell
to the ground before you?
Or were you deliberate in what you did
fixing your energy for your journey
focused on survival
I will miss you and your song
my heart, my being
will long for your morning cheer
your evening prayer
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  1. Beautiful piece to the robin. Do robins migrate in the winter?
    We have birds in NZ that are called robins, they were given this name by the early English settlers as they look similar to an English robin but they in fact a different species.

  2. This one is called The American Robin and yes they migrate..boohoo
    IF you googoe their song you can find it....many songs...delightful songs...purposeful song
    I will look your up

  3. Such an observation of that little fella.

  4. Beautiful! I love robins, too. They are easily overlooked because they are so common, but I love to watch them hopping about on the lawn.


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