Friday, October 15, 2010

end of season work

Much work to be done in the garden
beauty is slipping away
so I will not be stopped by an opening bud
or a leaf pushing its way through the earth
or flowers opening to bees and hummingbirds
or vines reaching and curling up the trellis
in shades of red and blues
No, nature is taking a breath
and soon will pull up the comforter of snow
and rest in shortened days and long nights
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  1. nice photo. lots of leaves in our yards. our yard is mostly natural so we just leave the leaves to mulch into the hard clay soil we have! i love walking and stomping and making crunchie noises in the newly fallen leaves.


  2. A shutting down for a season, I like that thought. We don't have snow here and there is still colour in the gardens and out and about through our winter. It sounds as though your winters would be perfect to catch your breath.

  3. Marilyn...YOU DON'T HAVE SNOW????
    wow...not sure how I feel about snow...fascinating
    Here winter is total bleakness of color...except for the fairy like kingdom that comes with the first is magic's the quietness that thrills the most


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