Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The littered ground, joy found

Ah a white feather on the ground!
dropped by who without a sound
Were you rustling through the trees
or preening your feathers in a morning breeze
Twigs and dried leaves are your feather's bed
I won't pick it up, but leave it instead
and hope that tomorrow I'll find one that's red
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  1. If I get upset, all I have to do is visit your sight.

  2. Why Lucy you'll never know what that means to me..bless your kind heart
    I'm a bit blue today myself
    things of life...things changing that I have no control over..
    getting older with all that comes with it
    I visit you too for kindness and honesty....I guess we're kinda friends....

  3. Okay Marilyn...your in too
    want to form a club ;)

  4. I hope the same.
    beautiful imagery,
    lovely spirits.

  5. I love this one so so so much. The words and the photo. Oh, that white feather is wonderful.

  6. Lovely little poem,Sue. And I know you don't usually rhyme. I love this! It's a "keeper"!


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