Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ordinary day

I am comforted by the ordinariness of this day
in its unordinary beauty that thrills my eyes
A quiet street that explodes with the season of Autumn
The smell of burning wood was to be had
in the air if you chanced going out last night
to be alive in the season

This morning my little squirrel charges
were busy burying acorns and stealing seeds
from the feeders and the robins were filling their beaks with fresh water
from the birdbaths...and picking around for worms and bugs in the
leaf litter....and I saw a warbler...its flicky behavior through the bushes
giving it away...and the geese honked overhead
ordinary life
praise God for it
and its ability to uplift the human heart
now to go rake
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  1. Thanks for this glimpse of the beauty in your ordinary day. ordinary days are magic.

  2. you're going on and your words are beautiful and it'll be all right. Are you okay?

  3. i LOVE all those special ordinary days. they are the best. just being close to nature and all that is offers is a precious gift.

    smiles to you.

  4. I love your prose and I am looking forward to many more ordinary days


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