Friday, October 22, 2010

Sky swimmers

This is a very bad photo..but hey, those birds don't care that they flock overhead into the sunlight above my head
I haven't seen this sight in many years...the sight of a flock of birds in flight like synchronized swimmers in the sky
Magical how they turn ..all of them ..on a dime.....over and over again
What a moment to be present
This took me back to when I was a little girl growing up in the city McKinley park...playing on the swings... and all of a sudden masses of birds would appear overhead
doing this very thing
my grandma Sophie wasn't impressed...she was afraid of birds and she didn't garden
but grandpa understood my joy
he was a gardener I miss him.. this very moment
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  1. I loved birds flocking, as you said They are all in sync. If we drive a few miles we can watch the sand hill Cranes in season They are so tall

  2. love the way you remembered and told this. Sweet.

  3. Suz, I wanted to explain something as well as admire your photos and beautiful word. The reason My coumadin is jumping around so much is because they a are trying to keep it on the thin side but not this much because I could have a stroke if I am still in and out of a-fib and they are waiting for the lung tests before reaching a decision about a pacemaker. Thanks for the heads up about salads. I am sure I will be on warfin the rest of my life no matter how they finish up.

  4. I like the shade of blue in your photo, it does look like water. It's fascinating to watch a flock of birds circle in synch. And also to see them fly in a perfect V. Your words are so touching.


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