Saturday, October 16, 2010

enjoy day

A beautiful autumn day
Okay so he whispered in my ear this morning
So I will
The sun is bright
the clouds are white and fluffy
and the sky is that glorious shade
of blue that breaks my heart open with joy
No work today
just pure fun
walking around taking in the wonders of the
and later I will go and visit my grandson
while his mom and dad go see the
Blackhawks play
Maybe I'll snoop around and see what is going on
in her garden
...what...I'm her mother
I can snoop..pull a few weeds
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  1. This is such a pretty and perfect fall photo. I'll bet the birds just love that house.


  2. Each day is to be enjoyed but how much better it must be when you can share it with a grandchild ...and snooping around your daughter's garden. Enjoy.

  3. You can teach him to weed! Enjoy this precious time, Sue.


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