Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Little sunflower

Oh little sunflower
who did this to you?
You name the
wind and short days, cold rain
and autumn's ways
And soon the goldfinch
will pick your children clean
But I will remember
your beauty in my being
through the cold
dark nights of winter
and so you will live on
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  1. Your sunflower looks like I feel!

    So pleased that you liked the calligraphy.

  2. Oh I loved it!!!!
    and my poor little sunflower has dropped a few petals this afternoon..boo hoo...I will miss her sunny face

  3. do the little birds and fat squirrels eat the seeds in your sunflower flowers?

  4. So sad the picture...so beautiful the words. x

  5. Beautiful words, and in a way the picture shows evolution of life.

  6. Suz I am sorry I did not leave what I knew a bout ekg on this comment form. Please accept my apologies if I was wrong.

  7. It sounds like you have a lovely family, and best of all the great news on the echo.

  8. Suz, where did you disappear to? I hope you are ok. Probably just busy, but I miss you.


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