Thursday, October 28, 2010

I cannot pretend anymore
the season has changed
a flirty visitor
whose left dreariness
and gray on my doorstep
...rings my bell
and is gone
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  1. As always, your words and photo are perfect. I have been reading your previous posts that I have missed; each one is perfect.
    Your winters must be so much colder than the ones we have here so the nes season isn't as marked.

  2. OH our winters can be so long temps
    deep snow and fierce wind
    i really hate driving in it
    Sure it's pretty when the snow comes down early in the morning and it looks like fairy land and the sound outside is so mute it's magical....but you get over that quickly when it's time to shovel

  3. Look at that sky! Yes, a drastic change. I feel it!


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