Tuesday, October 12, 2010

and a few good words
made my weekend
now to take Webster in today..  my heart breaking
but he is in pain so much pain
it's time
lucky animals we can end it for them..the pain
but our love for our companions
leaves us empty and hurting for a while
I took him in the garden one last time
to bask in the sun and to feel the grass
under his feet and the lilly leaves at his face
he drank rain water from a dish
it was enough to carry him on his journey
He was a great feline


  1. Love and a huge hug to you dear lady. x

  2. oh...just reading this now after getting home from my travels. I'm so sorry, Sue.

  3. My Dear Suz..
    Your Love for Gardening is so apparent. Very vividly expressed- so refreshing.. well done Girlie.. :D

  4. and you are an amazing mama to him.
    lucky boy.
    lucky you.
    yes, it is the kindest thing we can do for them.
    still, I'm sorry you had to do it.
    hugs dear suz.


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