Wednesday, July 14, 2010

These tiger lillies were volunteers in my front beds. They have spread to make a happy little cluster of orange. It is amazing how easy they are to grow..they drop little black seeds daily. How they got here? I'll blame the birds.

They call you asian tiger lily
warm orange with black spots
a threat to no one
just a name
we gave you
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  1. Lilies are such neat flowers! I love seeing them growing wild along side a country road!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!


  2. Isn't the intense orange and black of these Tigers, just the best. Mom has had these for years beside her white garage just showing off. Now a few have found there way to my garden too.
    Now I cannot wait for them to open their bold eyes.

  3. Very lovely. Looks like my high school colors. Black and orange. Go Wild Cats.


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