Friday, July 30, 2010

Barney the spider was busy this morning.
I first met him looking for a lost whiffel ball from my neighbor's boys.
Now I notice him just about every the same the Annabelle hydrangeas.
Spiders strike fear in me when I happen upon them...once I walked into a web and had it all over night!
At our old house that had mucho trees and bushes we would see giant webs being built at night when a car would pass by......Hitchcock should have used that scene in one of his movies...primal fear, truly, to see one of those giant webs.
But I am also fascinated by spiders and their gorgeous webs that shine in the sun's light and hold water droplets after a rain or dew in the hot mist of a summer morning.
Actually I am a bug lover. Have been since I was a kid.
They are such a pulsing bit of life in the garden. They are part of the balance and sometime unbalance of the garden. This year some caterpillars have eaten my loosestrife. I think the bug population is down this year, although I have noticed bee and butterfly activity around the
Joe Pye weed.
Today it is going to be overcast all day and in the 80s....perfect day for weeding. And boy, do I have the weeding to do.
This wench better get busy....enough blabbing.
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  1. Depends on the spider, just like the human.
    Depends on the web, sticky or slick.
    And then there are still weeds for we wenches.


    hope that you enjoy one or two awards there.
    Happy End of July!

  3. I had one of those big black and yellow "Barney's" in my garden one year too. They are okay, I guess. They just want to be in the garden. Now - don't you go pickin' on those caterpillars! and...I think I have more weeds than flowers this year.


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