Friday, July 2, 2010

Faithful to bloom,happy to have another go at it. Do you know that I rescue tossed plants after Easter to put into my garden?
I do. Not ashamed. A plant picker. That's me. I rescue tulips,hyacinths, and daffodils too. Many, I'm sorry to say, don't make it. But I just can't see them they were trash.....I'm an emotional person when it comes to living things...children,old folks,plants,birds, name it....I want them to live happily.
So this is a picture of one that is.
living happily
in my Open Bar of Joy
have a sip of it!
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  1. I am the same way Suz. That flower is beautiful.It is an easter lily is it not.?

  2. why yes Lucy it is. Glad someone else rescues lillies

  3. Open Bar of Joy...I meant to tell you before how I LOVE that title you have given your garden. Love to see you rescuing plants. My intent this weekend is to rescue a few from the greenhouse at Pamida...I cannot fathom them tossing them.
    Have a Festive Fourth

  4. over the top lovely. that almost looks pretend! he-he.

    have a happy 4th of july.


  5. It looks so happy! Of course you would save it's life. Cats, dogs, plants.....


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