Tuesday, July 6, 2010

aaah..now to reap the rewards...Tomorrow I plan on going to breakfast with a friend, then to the bookstore and back home again to sit my butt in this chair and read The Help....my book group read for this month. I think I'll only last an hour outside..it has been awful with the bugs lately....and now the heat...
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  1. Well it certainly looks inviting. But gardener that you are, I bet you'll be up and pulling weeds here and there before you get to page 20 - not that I see any weeds in that picture!

  2. I hope you like the book, Sue. Haven't heard anyone who doesn't.

  3. Actually the weeds have gone hyper
    with all the rain....
    and now it's hot..and I'm a wilting in the garden..swatting mosquitoes...it's summer all right....early morning only....best time

  4. The Help is fantastic ... I listened to it on audio and it stayed with me for a long time.

  5. That book is so, so, so wonderful. Prepare yourself for a great read. What a pretty place to sit and read a book. Dogwood


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