Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ah the fertile birdhouse
Little Miss was the first to hear them peeping
her eyes widening in curiosity
Oh baby birds..I said to her
Well I might as well of said I'd grant a wish
Please can I see? she pleaded
Of course, but don't touch
But she touched and the hungry mouths opened
and she squealed in delight
...wish granted.
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  1. Love the picture and the poem.

  2. What a magical picture you have painting. Baby birds ... sigh. One of my favorite things.

  3. Suz lovely prose! I've had several nestings with sqaucking hungry much fun watching mommy feed and fuss!A change is happening here with me..soon I'll spread my own wings!

  4. Naturegirl...change? Oh it sounds like good change! Please let me know! ah and thanks for sying such nice words about my words

  5. Oh so sweet. Baby birds are so ugle but cute at the same time. I am a total bird lover. We have tons of feeders out in Grass Valley. I could sit for hours watching birds! Tweet-tweet.


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