Friday, July 9, 2010

I wanted a sense of anticipation as you enter the garden,thus the curving flagstone path. This morning I still felt that anticipation as I returned from the front (garbage day..hauling a can) and stayed with it for a fleeting second before I saw the the bare spots on the ground and the mock orange bushes maybe on their last breath. Not supposed to do that....go negative.....look for joy and beauty.. I tried to tell myself as mosquitoes were biting my arms. An imperfect garden...hmmmm..where does that lead my mind? Eve-why couldn't you have just eaten of the right fruit and made it easy on us all.....damn bugs and death
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  1. Maybe they will perk up. I have never had to worry about any of that cause I don't think we grow them here in Nebraska. Well maybe some do but me I know I would kill it.

  2. Hi's a beautiful day here! warm,breezy and not so humid

  3. Absolutely... and I agree about those nasty biting things..the mosquitoes are nasty this year. I love the adventure down your curved paths.
    Have an adventure this weekend yourself


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