Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My little grandchildren are coming today from Laguna Beach California.
They love my bugs....the ones that wear shoes and bow ties.
I'm thinking of getting them a slip and slide (their mom says they love it)
but I remember when my kids were little it destroyed the grass...
and my husband had a fit
about grass
Not this time Arthur...
what is life all about
but for living
and making memories
and for making no more regrets.
So what if the grass takes a hit
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  1. Cute bugs. Hope you enjoy your time with your grandchildren, Suz. A slip and slide sounds like lots of fun.

  2. Have a wonderful day with those grand children. I will have a new gr. grand child in Dec.

  3. a slip and slide is fun goldenbird!
    and nice..a dec baby

  4. Good on you with a slip and slide! Funny that you mentioned you too love Leonard Cohen on my blog Suz. While I was doodling that post I was listening to the DVD of Leonard Cohen having decided there was nothing worth watching on TV!
    LC is coming to NZ in October and I have tickets! Marilyn is coming with me. Halleluia!!

  5. He was here and I couldn't go...:-(
    I saw him on public TV and he is getting old
    but he still has it
    Would you believe my mom whose 80 loves his sexy voice...
    I have loved him since Suzanne Takes You Down...

  6. Oh my! I love your bugs! Where did you find them? And I have an "Arthur" here - he calls himself "Richard". You know, once he sees those kids laughing with the slip and slide, he'll have a better time than anyone!

  7. Hobby Lobby
    they can be such killjoys
    but I'm grandma bear now...


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