Saturday, July 10, 2010

I didn't bother to plant anything in the mailbox is too hard to keep it watered all the time, and even if I do, the plants seem to just bake. But low and behold, miracles happen everyday if you only look. Some birdie must have dropped a seed or two bringing about this moment of joy for me. Lovely happy sunflowers.

Who plants sunflowers in a planter box by the street anyway?
someone did...hahahaha!
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  1. Bring the ground up to equal level with the top edge with sand, mix it into the present soil, plant drought-happy plants like sedums and semps. They LOVE the heat and will thrive. There all kinds of heights, colors, textures. It is a good thing that succulent greenhouse is not closer to me or I would surely be broke as a joke.
    BlessYourHeartSuz I LOVE your Sunflower


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  3. That is the cutest! I hadn't planted anything in my mailbox planter either this year. Yes, trouble remembering to water every day. Finally threw in some morning glory seeds - thought that might look nice. They are sprouting and then put in one bunch of petunias to wave at me.

  4. poetry and gardening. we have at least these two in common!

  5. Hi Friko...two good things for sure!


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