Monday, July 19, 2010

Morning Light

Sorry I made the pics so time I'll pay attention. But I posted them straight from Picasa and i don't know any other way to post multiple pictures using it.
Anyway I just wanted to share my morning walk looking lookin looking  around the garden. It is pretty dry and the new flowering plants haven't yet so the garden is looking a bit tired besides for the potted annuals. So it was light and bugs and birds that gave me a smile today in the early garden.


  1. Love your rock spot! And your blooms look so pretty. Mine is dryer than dry.

  2. Your pictures are always interesting big or small.

  3. Excellent. I must have been missing something in the past. Didn't know you took such wonderful photos.

  4. Why Christopher...welcome...I enjoyed your "best" post...what a partner you have!


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