Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jack is setting his seeds, soon to turn bright red, a holiday color that says here I am....and the birds find them. All in the great plan of things. Renewal and birth and seedlings growing where others have planted..but only the Great Spirit can stir to life.
But just under the leaf of my thought is the knowledge that the season is moving quickly....forgive me Great Spirit for filling my mind with concern that soon this lovely season will be over and I will once again dread the loneliness of winter.
Let me dwell in the thoughts of childhood
of endless summer
and Popsicles
shorts and bathing suits and pools
silly friends
hot dogs
and no homework
carefree days
that I treasured,lived
and never worried about their passing
Let me dwell there.


  1. I have just discovered your gracious blog, and especially love the photos. You remind me that this year I mean to improve my photographic results! Words come easily; images less so - for me, at least! Lovely work. Here in subtropical Queensland (Australia), I don't miss the New England winters of my childhood. But your spring and summer images take me back to a good place of long ago.

  2. Oh hello fellow lover of nature and gardens!
    AS I age i don't look forward to Chicago winters,though I think there was more snow and cold when I was growing up...but I don't like high heat either...oh getting old...
    I am new to taking photos..and yes..when you use a camera it forces you to look..really look...welcome and please come back to my open bar of joy soon....take a gander at my older posts...some nice shots..for a beginner I think
    So..are you a writer? and how did you get way down there?

  3. Oh my goodness! Look at that! It's Jack?

  4. Beautiful thoughts and words! I treasure the memory of that feeling of being carefree in the summer. No worries, just endless day-dreamy days!!! And the imagination would gush like a raging river!!!


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