Friday, July 30, 2010

The first cardinal flower I ever saw was in nature. It was a magical experience. My husband and I were hiking in the forest preserves and there in the dense woods was an opening of sorts with a ray of sunlight shining down through some tall trees, shining on a single glorious flower. It was as if it were a messenger standing in the woods waiting for us to come along. It was the brightest red I had ever seen...let alone in the deep of the forest.
This is my lone surviving cardinal flower. It surprised me hiding in with the beebalm.
Maybe it was waiting for me to come along.
A messenger of something good..perhaps
in my Open Bar of Joy
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  1. The red against the green..spectacular!

  2. Thank you Suz. It took some soul searching but I am ok no matter what. Thanks for caring.

  3. What a wonderful story about your first cardinal flower sighting. Then, this one, hidden but waiting to show itself to you. Yes, I do believe the cardinal is your messenger. Each type of flower has a symbolic meaning.

    The cardinal symbolizes distinction and splendor.

  4. Just striking! Sure looks like it has a purpose.

  5. Oh Little Seed thank you...that first sighting is a magical thing recorded in my mind still to this day...distinction & spendor..hmm now what does that mean for me?

  6. I've never seen or heard of the cardinal flower. That red is beautiful.

  7. i don't think I've ever seen this flower before, Wow.
    I think you recreated that moment you had in the forest for me here.
    in awe.
    can I have one of these in my garden?


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