Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I looked down and behold
another assemblage of nature:
The survivors,
the cast offs,
the fallen,
But for me today, a moment
to stop and reflect
that the journey through winter
is coming to an end
a page turning
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  1. Hola Suz, I coming back from a large visit to your garden with such a pleasure and admiring what you have created and lovingly take care of it. I love gardening too!!
    I´m so happy for your visit and sweet comment.
    Sending you hugs from Chile
    p.s. excuse my english

  2. So happy for your visit
    Maria Cecilia!
    You garden too! wonderful..I would love to see your garden
    and thank you again for introducing us to your friend Coca
    what a fabulous painter..I think he loves trees!

  3. Thank goodness for Mother Nature---the best artist there's ever been! And thank goodness for people like you who SEE it!!

  4. I like that. There is a lot of beauty is simple things.

  5. Beautiful photo and beautiful words, Suz.


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