Friday, March 4, 2011

Old friends

I am drawn to the
in the garden
a reminder to stop
be silent
the work
just be still
and let the garden
before me

and then there is
the figure of the
standing Chinese
warrior near the rose
who stands guard
at least I think he does
I stop by him too
and take in the sense
of my responsibility
to all within my charge
in this Open Bar of Joy

and I continue past
the iron witch on her broom
a bit of fancy for me
and mischief
always there courtesy
of the many wards that
grace my trees

And then I quietly
look upon drift wood carved
in the image of the Madonna
and Child
An arrow of awe strikes my heart
for the unknown artist who made
this image, only to have me buy
it at the Salvation Army store
irony of irony

And tucked in here and there
is more fancy and fun
and old things that I cannot part with
tucked in behind a hosta or two
to become one day part of the garden itself

Things in the garden come and go
ying and yang
rust and crumble
But I like it like that
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  1. Your Open Bar of Joy always intrigues me. I love all of my odd pieces here and there amongst my flowers, too.
    Life is good.

  2. I would love to walk through your garden. I think I need a Buddha in mine. Or at least a Chinese warrior. =-) Have a lovely weekend!

  3. That sounds like a sensational garden. A nice place to recharge your spirit.

  4. I can only imagine your grandchildren in your garden when they visit... running around, looking here and there for all your treasures. Each piece tells a story I am sure.

  5. Your garden is rich with spirit. Sounds wonderful. I have a Buddha and a Kwan Yin in my entry wall and like being greeted by them after a long day.

  6. Your photo and poem reminds me that I have one that is very old and covered with moss and lichens. I love the poem.

  7. I love your poem, Suz. These words are strong and true.

    Have a HapPy weekend! xx

  8. Beautiful! This reminds me of my garden. I call these sentinels, my warriors against the world.... reminding us that we all need protection against the thieves of beauty and joy.

  9. Oh, dear friend. I so love you writing style. It is always filled with so much. My emotions are always there with you.

    I would love to visit your garden.

    Hugs, Cory

  10. Did you have trouble putting in all your other pictures in this post? With your descriptions, seemed like you planned to. I did too this morning and had to highlight each one separately, select to post it and then go back and highlight the next (they will all still be there), and so on. Love your descriptions and want to see them all!


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