Friday, March 25, 2011

rue the day

A quick dash out to the garden this morning
before the the little miss and little master rolled out of bed
while their mom and papa were eating breakfast.
I slipped away to the stillness of a spring morning
A quick look about I saw life stirring everywhere
These pictured above are wild flowers I rescued from a building site
I think they are some kind of meadow rue...beautiful delicate little white flowers
with leaves a fine as lace
I love woodland wildflowers the best
Spring is the best time of year for this
the ephemerals...ah!!
soon they will be waking up and the cycle will begin in earnest
another year of the garden
But for now it is the fresh smell of wind in my face that has passed over winter's debris
and the swelling buds on the horse chestnut tree above me
 that  are opening my heart
opening it to living this day


  1. 'and the swelling buds on the horse chestnut tree above me
    that are opening my heart
    opening it to living this day
    That's it!
    For twenty five years of asparagus farming, each spring when the apparently dead earth swelled with the rising spears, was the expression of the absolute magic
    of nature and a joyful assurance my world was OK.

  2. joyful assurance...yes
    Asparagus...why that is a plant that is so beautiful..I once saw it used as a hedge in a garden..stunning and mystical
    Blessed assurance works for me too
    thanks for stopping by and rejoicing in nature

  3. How nice you rescued those wildflowers from a building site ... now they are your ward, too.

  4. Suz, that's so cool that you rescued the rue from a building site. It's so nice to see some green...I'm still buried under feet and feet of snow up here in the California mountains.

  5. Oh Victoria, my heart aches for your longing for color and flowers and warmth...hold on dear friend...blessed assurance is on the just hast to be
    and when it comes...cherish each petal,each movement of the warm breeze..the golden rays on your face....the smells of warmed wet earth and

  6. are right, they are my wards now...I went back to that site and it broke my heart all the jacks in the pulpit,bloodroot, and blue bells...gone gone gone..paved over for an office building...I pass by bow and grieve each time


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