Monday, March 14, 2011

The good Lord has made the sky blue to us.
So blue it dazzles me today
So blue it lifts my spirits
a bandage on my weariness

I sit in the cool air on the deck
looking over the yet to be awakened garden
imagining the joy I will feel when warm breezes
pass over me this summer

But now,I need to put my hands in dirt and pray
It is where I feel closest to God
The soil is still mostly frozen so
where will I go to unburden my sorrow
for Japan?
thousands washing up on the shore

The blue sky
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  1. The horror of it is overwhelming. Thousands of miles away, I pray for all whose lives were impacted by this disasster, both human and animal...and it just doesn't seem like enough.

  2. upset I can't even spell. I meant 'disaster.'

  3. I cannot tell you how sad and sorrow filled I am over so much loss
    of human life

  4. I get a lot of strength from the sky.
    The devastation is Japan is beyond comprehension; it fills me deep sadness. All I can do is pray.

  5. thanks for this, beautiful and just right.

  6. So many gentle people. Truely hard to understand.

  7. This is a amazingly beautiful poem. That last line is incredible.
    Thank you for this....


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