Friday, March 18, 2011

awake awake
you sleepy heads
get up get up
rise out of flower beds

They don't last long
but I have longed for them
oh the joy these little ones bring

So much work to be done
cutting away the old and dried and dead
but not too fast
Mr. and Mrs. Robin
and Mr. Starling
were spotted pulling up and carrying off
the makings for their nests
Oh to hear peeping again
to watch out for
and guard the garden from Mr. Hawk!
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  1. What a cheery glimpse of spring! And the poetry with them is just perfect. You've made my morning, Suz!

  2. Hi Jody...I saw your blooms too!
    joy is wonderful isn't it?

  3. Your garden is waking from it's long winter sleep. I can't imagine the joy you are feeling. We don't have severe winters here in the top half of the North Island but I still love it when Spring unfolds herself.

  4. Hi needs a bit of bitter winter to really long for spring....but why?
    I especially love the return of so many happy singing nesting birds!

  5. Oh, your crocus are up! Mine are just barely poking their little green heads out of the ground...well, in the spots where the snow has melted enough for me to see the ground, that is!

  6. Beautiful. My crocus are up too.

  7. Doesn't it feel good when you first see a spring flower??? There was still snow melting and there were my snow drops. Bulbs coming up nice.

  8. Beautiful little color! And your story sounds like a Peter Rabbit tale.


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